(Written March 2016 – after Critter Problems Part I)

First if all, yes there is video.  But since nothing attacked us and nobody fell through the ceiling or stepped into the open stairway and fell down the hole like the rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland”, by internet standards, it’s pretty boring.

We found no evidence of any critters in the insulation, huddled inside of comforters, or hanging  the eaves.

We did find a tiny hole and some wood that was a little splintered, but as far as we could tell there was no wildlife.  Which is dumbfounding, given all the racket “nothing” has been making up there.

There were no footprints or “droppings” which Darlene took as a positive sign until I said. “I guess that means that whatever it is…flies.”
Darlene gave a startled look (which is quite funny on the video)
“Well, either that, or its Satan,” I said.
That seemed to calm her.

That’s not to say that we didn’t find anything.  For example:

I discovered that I say “alright” A LOT!  I mean a lot as in I start every sentence with “Alright…”

That Sponge Bob has startlingly  big blue eyes.

That Gray insulation can irritate your throat when you go rooting around looking for squirrel shit.

That I look old with my hair up and a baseball cap on, which means I look old – period. And have I always been lip-less?

That I have a REALLY good friend who volunteered to drive over to my house on a Friday night to venture up into the attic with me even though we were both afraid.

That the desire to satisfy my Facebook friends’ curiosity made me decide to take  the risk to go up there with my willing friend, Darlene.  Which begs the question, what else would I be willing to do?

That the imagined thing is sometimes scarier than the real thing.

That being scared with someone is better, and funnier, than being scared alone.

That joking around is crucial in stressful situations:

Paula (having found nothing amiss in the attic):  I think they must have gone out for the night.
Darlene:  Well, it is Friday night after all.

That even though we didn’t find what we didn’t know we were looking for, and we no longer live “two doors down” from each other, we are still the same young mothers who used to go to each others house for coffee in our pajamas with bed-head hair and no makeup.  Maybe it was the caffeine or the sugar high from the donuts that made us laugh all those mornings, or maybe it was just the way we looked at life.

Tonight we laughed at ourselves for being afraid of the unknown, beady eyes, flapping wings, sharp teeth, rabies, the devil, and our willingness to face those fears armed with nothing but a pair of gardening gloves for Darlene, driving gloves for me – and a flashlight. We knew that no matter what happened, facing that fear together would at least give us a good laugh. And another memory.

So, here’s to hunting for what you think you’re searching for, whether it is something you want to find or something that you’re hoping you won’t find.

But more importantly, here’s to the things that you will find along the way that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Keep an eye, and heart, out for those things and have a good laugh.  Even if what makes you laugh is seeing your old-looking, lip-less self on video.



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