I fell in love at first sight, and the affair lasted four years.  Truth be told, I still carry the torch.

The thing about falling in love at first sight that is so striking, is that it hits you not so much as “love”, but more of a visceral knowledge.

I knew instantly that it was everything I ever wanted and there was no doubt in my mind that my life would be forever changed.

I was right.  And for four years I had the time of my life.

After the initial fall, there were good times, not so good times, heartbreak, joy, sorrow, and a hell of a lot of hard work.

I had a lot to learn and I had to grow up, toughen up and change.

And so did the object of my affection.

Then, after all that time and effort, I  left.

I left because it was time to move on. I knew that it was coming, and even though it was mutual, it was difficult.

I am not fond of goodbyes, and this one tugged at my heart in ways that I could not have anticipated at the beginning.  So I didn’t say goodbye, I just packed up and left.

But, I have kept track of my love for over 30 years and I alternately marvel and wince at the changes that have occurred in that time.

I have even visited a few times and can still see what it was that captivated me so long ago, even if I have to look with my mind’s eye.

The changes started in the months before I left, and frankly, I didn’t like what I saw.  I had not grown up enough yet to realize that change is progress, and that with progress some of the things you treasured change, or disappear completely.

I sometimes wonder, if we met for the first time as we both are now, would I have fallen in love?

I’d like to think that the answer is “yes”, but I have a feeling that it happened as it did because of timing and maturity on both of our parts.

But none of the “what ifs ” matter.  It happened.  What was can never be changed. So while there is much that I no longer recognize, the same can be said of me.

So I will not discard or discount this love because of what came after for both of us.  We are still a success story.

And even though I am unable to reconcile the Boston College of the late ’70s, and early ’80s to the Boston College of today, there is no doubt that falling in love at first sight with this place was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Here’s to falling in love at first sight.  When it happens, you’ll know it.  Trust it.


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