On my drive home, my “GET GAS NOW” light was blinding me so I stopped at the first gas station which happened to be an Xtra Mart/Dunkin’ Donuts to get gas.

I am not supposed to eat donuts, but pumpkin donuts are my weakness, and as I was filling my tank I made the decision to get one donut and suffer the consequences.

My mouth watered just thinking about it.

I walked up to the counter and asked the young man if they had any pumpkin donuts.

“No, they’re out of season.”

OUT OF SEASON??” I exclaimed.

“Yes,” he replied.

“How can they be out of season? It’s still Fall!”

“We have our Holiday Collection out now,” he said pointing to a display of Star shaped something-or-others covered in red and green sprinkles.

“What?” I asked, “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Pumpkins are still around for THAT holiday.”

“Well we do have pumpkin muffins.”

“HUH? So it’s just the donuts that are out of season, not the pumpkin.”

He looked at me like I was crazy, which maybe I am. I don’t think he knew what to say to that, so he stepped aside and pointed behind him and said, “We have Red Velvet donuts.”

I looked to see that the bin he pointed to was empty and said, “No you don’t.”

“Well, we usually do, but we’re out right now.”

“So you’re offering me something that you don’t have and that I don’t want, but at least it’s in season. Is that right?”


I smiled and saw that they do have Apple Spice donuts. It took everything I had not to mention the fact that, using Dunkin’ Donut logic, apples are out of season, too, so they shouldn’t be selling these either.

“Thank you for your help, but I really only wanted a pumpkin donut. They are the best.”

And as I turned to walk away he said, “We have pumpkin muffins!”


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