Setting:  Downtown Charlotte, NC
Date: Eve of the Charlotte 600, May, 1997

Sam and I walked downtown to attend a free concert the night before the NASCAR race. There was a large crowd already listening to great music.

After a couple of outstanding songs  (that I didn’t recognize) I said:

WOW!  This band is really good!  I wonder why they never made it.

Sam:  You’re kidding, right?

Paula:  No!  Don’t you think they’re good?

Sam: <laughing hysterically> Paula, this is the Doobie Brothers!

Paula: <laughing > Well the only one I would recognize is Michael McDonald, and he’s not up there.

And then they played “Long Train Running”, the first song of theirs that I knew.  If I had waited for one more song, this conversation would never have happened and we wouldn’t have had some great laughs over it for the past 20 years.

Fast forward:  February 4, 2017:

Setting:  Sam’s basement office in the midst of massive rearranging.  On the stairs is a pile of framed and unframed photographs.

Paula: <bending over to go through the photos finds a 5 x 7 concert photo, holds it up to show Sam>  What is this a photograph of?  It looks like a band, but I don’t know who it is.

Sam: <laughing hysterically>  AGAIN SHE ASKS ME.

Paula: <confused> This is the first I’ve seen of this photo.

Sam:  IT’S THE DOOBIE  BROTHERS.  <continues laughing>

Paula:  <laughing> Well you know that I don’t know what they look like.

Sam:  <still laughing> Or sound like, apparently.


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